What We Do

Teknote Systems is all about providing top-notch quality services and has many years of experience in the field to back up that pledge. Take a look at just a few of the countless ways our team can serve your technology needs:

Web Design/Development


Custom web and blog design / development, dynamic and interactive web components, unique web graphics and "skins' - these are just a sampling of what we offer. Let one of our professionals build a complete site with custom design and copywriting that is perfect for you. Web hosting is also available!

Superior Service and Continued Support - Personal attention with ongoing support after project completion.


Social Networking


Looking to grow your business by building relationships with customers and business partners through social networking services? We have expertise and experience in internet social networking and can get you connected right away. Let us create and maintain your presence in social networking sites as well as blog forums, directories and advertising portals. We are here to help make your brand known.

Take advantage of our tech-savviness in Facebook, Twitter, Posterous, Tumblr, Flickr, YouTube - the list goes on and on! Our people know just how to connect with an online social network audience and are here to help you get started.


Computer Support


Does your PC need a health check or annual Tune-Up? Need help selecting a new computer, installing a home network or connecting to the Internet? Having trouble with a document, presentation, spreadsheet, publication or database? Are you troubleshooting an application error? Computer grinding to a halt with unusual advertisements or tool bars? We can help you with all of your hardware, software and networking needs.

Even after your issue has been resolved, Teknote Systems friendly and courteous Tek Dweebs will follow-up and continue to provide support, getting you up and running smoothly again.


More Services

eNews Services

What better way to connect directly to customers than with a regular eNewsletter subscription? We can help generate it for you, tailor-made graphics and all.

Domain Hosting

Quality, reliable web hosting at an affordable price. Let us host your website for you.

eBay Support

We provide assistance in buying and selling anything (including the kitchen sink) on eBay. With proven expertise, we can make that sale happen.

Graphic Design

Custom-made graphics are our second name. Whether it be logo, icon, profile picture, online gallery - you name it, we create it.